Learn to Skate

Beginning skaters enter WYH through the Learn to Skate program. This program runs for roughly 20 weeks from mid-October to about mid-march. It consists of two groups: Beginners and Advanced Beginners. The Beginner group is for skaters that need the help of a milk crate or are just got off the milk crate. This groups skates at 9:40. The Advanced Beginners group is for kids that can skate independently around the ice. This group starts to use sticks after the holidays. This group skates at 10:30. The first two weeks of the season are used to evaluate the skaters and place them in the appropriate group according to skill.

Parents are welcome on the ice. It's important to understand that it is very easy for an adult to fall down or get knocked down by another skater. Keep your head on a swivel!

Equipment Requirements:

 Helmet - Children must wear a helmet at all times on the ice. An HECC approved hockey helmet is preferred but bike and ski helmets are acceptable.

 Skates – Make sure they fit, are sharp and are tied properly. Skates run about 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoe size. Sharp edges will help your child turn better. Skates that are tied too tight will hurt while skates that are tied too loose can lead to injury.

 Gloves – A good pair of gloves are a must. 

 Knee/Elbow Pads & Hockey/Ski Pants – These are strongly recommended as the ice is a hard surface.

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