Welcome to WYH's Mite Development Program!

Our Mite Development program is the next exciting step for young hockey enthusiasts who have already completed the Learn to Skate program. Designed to run from October through March, our Mite Development sessions are held every Saturday at 12:00 PM and Sunday at 11:40 AM.

Unlocking the Potential for Travel Team Success

The core mission of Mite Development is to cultivate the skills necessary for travel team play. We believe in building upon the solid foundation established in the first year of skating. In Mite Development, we continue to prioritize skill enhancement through station training and engaging small-area games.

What Skills Will Be Mastered?

Our dedicated instructors focus on honing key skills, including:

- Forwards and backwards skating

- Precise edge control

- Swift starting and stopping

- Seamless pivoting

- Confident crossovers

- Accurate passing

- Sharpshooting abilities

- Puck control mastery

However, our commitment goes beyond player development. We also place a significant emphasis on grooming the coaches of tomorrow's travel teams.

Team Building and Fun-Filled Sessions

In the Mite Development program, players are randomly assigned to teams. These teams practice together and participate in small-area games, promoting camaraderie and healthy competition. While the intensity level may be slightly higher compared to Learn to Skate, our sessions always maintain a positive and FUN atmosphere.

At WYH, we believe that fostering a love for the game is just as crucial as skill development. Our primary goal is to ensure that every child enjoys their time on the ice while making strides toward becoming a well-rounded hockey player.

Join us at Mite Development, where we're not just building hockey skills; we're building futures filled with excitement, growth, and camaraderie.

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