Power Edge Hockey: Our Tuesday Night Skills Partner


At Winthrop Youth Hockey, we are dedicated to providing our young athletes with the best opportunities for skill development and growth. To enhance our regular skills sessions, we've partnered with Power Edge Hockey, a renowned organization with a commitment to shaping young athletes into skilled hockey players. Every Tuesday night, they bring their expertise to our rink to provide specialized training for our players.

About Power Edge Hockey:

Power Edge Hockey is known for its mission of developing well-rounded athletes who excel both in hockey and life. Their team of experienced coaches is passionate about helping young athletes reach their full potential. By collaborating with Power Edge Hockey, we aim to provide our players with top-notch training programs that foster personal growth and excellence on the ice.

What to Expect:

Every Tuesday night, Power Edge Hockey takes the lead in enhancing the skills of our players. Their programs cover a wide range of aspects, including skating, stickhandling, shooting, defensive skills, and goalie training. The sessions are designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring that every player has the opportunity to improve and reach their goals.

Rotation of Goalie Coaches:

As an exciting addition, Power Edge Hockey has introduced experienced goalie coaches, Dave Messuri and Rob Wright, who rotate during our Tuesday night skills sessions based on their availability. This approach ensures that all our goaltenders receive specialized attention and coaching, allowing them to excel in their position.

No Additional Cost Thanks to Fundraising Efforts:

One of the most remarkable aspects of this partnership is that there is no additional cost for these specialized coaching sessions, all thanks to the diligent fundraising efforts of Winthrop Youth Hockey. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive training for all our players, and Power Edge Hockey is helping us fulfill this commitment as part of our regular skills sessions.

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