Tuesday Night Skills Sessions

We are excited to announce an enhancement to our Tuesday night skills sessions at Winthrop Youth Hockey. In our continuous efforts to provide the best development opportunities for our young athletes, we have introduced a special feature that we believe will greatly benefit our goaltenders.

Goalie Coaching:

Meet Our Coaches:

We are proud to introduce our two experienced goalie coaches, Dave Messuri and Rob Wright. Both Dave and Rob have an impressive track record of developing young goaltenders, and they are dedicated to helping our goalies excel.

Rotating Coaches:

To ensure our goalies receive consistent and high-quality coaching, Dave Messuri and Rob Wright will rotate during our Tuesday night skills sessions. This rotation is based on their availability, allowing us to provide specialized attention to all our goaltenders. This approach ensures that each young athlete has the opportunity to learn from both of these seasoned coaches.

No Additional Charge:

One of the most exciting aspects of this addition is that there is no additional cost for these goalie coaching sessions. We are committed to offering comprehensive training for all our players, including our goalies, as part of our regular skills sessions.

Upcoming Schedule:

As we continually strive to enhance our programs, we want to remind everyone that there will be no skills sessions on the following Tuesdays:

10/24: The ice will be used for a mini 1v1 tournament at Larsen Rink.

10/31: Enjoy Halloween with your families on this day.